Sonntag, 21. Februar 2016

2015 - lightweight gear

To follow the interests of many pilots, I met during my travelling this winter and the years before, I want to give document about the equipment, I use for flying, bivvy flying especially. I do not want to display links, as links to product pages or supply sources on the internet outdate pretty fast - if someone is goggling the products, results will be found faster and are more timely accurate . I bought most of the stuff at amazon or in outdoor stores, also in those in the Zofri of Iquique. And I want to thank ALex Raymont and Gavin McClurg for sharing their experience  -  to me it looks like the cutting edge of  lightweight equipment is located on the pacific coast of north america, except gliders and harnesses.




It is the protector of my harness. I put the inside foam out, fold my ThermaRest mattress first, wrap my Black Diamond biwak sack around it, put both into the protector bag, stuff my Western Mountaineering sleeping bag into the middle of it and blow as much air into the mattress, as it gets an appropriate filling, close the bag and put it back into the harness. I fly with this protector all year long.







There are so many new fabrics out there, that are used in nowadays outdoor clothing, that someone cannot give reliable advice. Just take care, that it protects from sun and heat as well as from the cold ( many do so ), that it is as light as possible and  has the lowest volume as possible. Chose the highest quality, like kevlar, titanium, down 800 a.s.o. involved. These pics are just samples for many tools and gears, that will work.


This tiny backpack, made out of glider fabric and still able to carry 20 liters of equipment is not just nice for the important things, you want to carry outside the big glider bag, it is also terrific in every days town life as well as cabin luggage on a plane.

The one and only thing, that still cannot be made light and of low volume is water … With food I use air dried beef, oat bars of any kind and fruit smoothies. Especially the first can help to survive a long time with lowest weight, but water remains the key to survive. 

Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2015

03. Dez. 2015 - IQQ - MUC




Early morning Alain drives me to the airport of Iquique, the airport, where we as paragliders are nicely permitted to fly by on saturdays and sundays closer to an airport  than in many other regions of the planet ( thank you IQQ-air-control ! ) My LANchile airbus takes off to Santiago and let me study the often flown coastline the last time for this year. Iberia takes me from Santiago de Chile over the andes mountains via Paraquai and Brasil and over the Atlantic to Portugal and Spain, where we land next day morning in Madrid. The following day a short european flight with another Iberia-aircraft brings me to Munich. Alpine ski flying is waiting ! - and of course another month in the paragliding paradise of the Kerio Valley in Kenya, Africa !

02. Dez. 2015 - Mamiña



In the morning I wake up above the small town of Mamiña and visit Baños Barros Chinos first. Than I drive a little trip into the surrounding desert : all roads, that you could drive with 4WD only, just some years ago, are nowadays asphalted and many small roads to about every location, may it be as tiny as just thinkable, add to it. I go for lunch to the working man eatery in the valley and enjoy Baños Ipla one last time and drive back to Iquique, where I arrive at night.

01. Dez. 2015 - Iquique


My flying gear is packed already, but still two more days are left and as I do not find any motorcycle for rent, I try to find a rental car, which is much easier. I rent one for 24 hours from tonight 7PM until tomorrow 7PM, put my stuff into the car and drive away to Mamiña in the Altiplano to visit once more the healing thermal bathes at this town tomorrow.

30. Nov. 2015 - Iquique



Because yesterday was so nice to beef up my flight, coming from Cabo Paquica, my canopy got not just dampened, but really wet in the humid air of the evening, I had to get it dry today. And what is nicer than to fly it for drying ? I start more or less completely alone in Alto Hospicio and I do not want to fly away. I reach unusual heights over Alto Hospicio. Its like a joke, but I still stick to my plan, just to dry the glider in flight and fly out to Playa Cavancha for landing and packing the glider carefully for my flight back to europe. I would like to rent a motorcycle to ride it to the altiplano in the coming last days in Iquique, but do not succeed in trying to do so.